MFC Registration

You will need to click on the button to the right to take you to to register.

How to register for MFC Warning – you can either:

1. Last sign on Saturday 13th February 9-11 am at the clubhouse in Moobal Street

2. Self-register at It is simple and hassle free avoid the queue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to register online at

Follow the prompt with regards to Football Federation Australia (FFA) number:

1. If FFA number known – select 1st login option for player registration and follow prompts.

2. If FFA number unknown – go to ‘find your FFA number’ i.e. 2nd option and then follow prompts.

3. If search does not find players FFA number then treat as NEW registration and ‘create an FFA ACCOUNT’ i.e. 3rd option. If you have played in the last five years you should have one.

Contact Details: Once located check details are current and correct (or enter details as required) especially with regards to spelling and contact details.

Please ensure a current photo is uploaded here also. Scroll to the bottom and select ‘next’.

Select Registration:

Step 1 – Enter you club. If Murwillumbah Football Club is not in this box (It should automatically come up with the last club you were with). A drop down list of all clubs starting with M will pop up also if unsure of spelling etc.

Step 2 – Click ‘player’ in drop down list.

Step 3 – pick package i.e. your age group category (only those packages relevant to your date of birth will come up)

Step 4 – Add packages (this will attach the package fees to your registration). Scroll to bottom of page and click on ‘next’.

Terms and conditions will come up here. Follow the prompts.

Payment – click on Pay Online or Manual Payment at Club.

If Pay Online – enter payment details or for Manual Payment at Club…. Click ‘Next’.
You are now registered! The invoice will be emailed to you.

Have you uploaded a photo into myfootballclub?

We require all members to upload a passport style photograph into their MyFootballClub page to allow registration to be complete. This must be completed by no later than 15th March 2016.